Caricature - Brittany Stankovic

A caricature for Brittany's goodbye card.

Digital. February 24, 2011.


Caricature - Paul Chung

A caricature I drew for Paul's going away card.

Digital. February 10, 2011.


Illustration - Ron Magic Card

It was Ron's birthday yesterday.  I made him a custom Magic: The Gathering card. 

Digital. January 28, 2011


Caricature - Kevan Shorey

I made this for Kev's birthday last Friday. I tried something new by using only the selection tool for the shapes.  It wasn't any faster, but it was fun.

Digital. Jan 07, 2011.


Caricature - Nara Youn

Here's a caricature I made for Nara's going away card.

Digital. December 9, 2010.


Sketches - Caricature Rejects 2

Bert Chung

Nara Youn

Julie Nelson

Lou Dellarosa

Lou Dellarosa
Sue Erokan

Carlos Rosas

Carlos Rosas

Andrea Spediacci

Melanie Cordan

Cameron Fielding

April Henley


Sketches - Caricature Rejects 1

These drawings fall in between "proudly pinned on the wall" and "trashed without hesistation." I'll try to name who they were supposed to be.

Josiah Larson

Rani Naamani

Rani Naamani

Guillermo Careaga

Carlos Puertolas

Carlos Puertolas


Sketch - Emil Lime

I built up a whole story about this kid named Emil Lime. I only remember his name and that he has a lime on his shirt.

Acrylic on paper. 6x10". ~2006


Landscape Paintings - San Francisco 2007

 Half Moon Bay beach
Oil on canvas board.  8x10".  ~2007

Crystal Springs Reservoir
Oil on canvas board.  4x6".  ~2007


Landscape Paintings - Los Angeles 2007

I have little experience landscape painting and tend to avoid it. Here are some attempts.

Griffith Park Carousel
Oil on paper. 4x6". ~2007

View from Glendale hills.
Oil on paper. 4x6". ~2007


Caricature - Ben Rush

A painting of my dolphin blood brother, Ben Rush!

Acrylic on paper. 7x10". ~2007ish


Figure Paintings - 2008

Oil on canvas.  12x9".  July 11, 2008.  

Acrylic on paper. 14x12".   July 01, 2008


Figure Paintings - 2007

Oil on canvas board.  8x10".  May 29, 2007.  

Oil on paper.   6x4".  June 20, 2007.  


Figure Paintings - 2007

Oil on canvas board.  8x10".  2007

Oil on canvas board.  8x10".  August 15, 2007


Figure Paintings - 2006, 2007

Oil on Paper.  8x6".   June 6, 2007

Oil on canvas board.  8x10".  June 27, 2007

Oil on canvas board.  9x12".  December 6, 2006



Illustration - Running

I ran a marathon last Sunday. I started this painting before the race to insure that I finished. I finished so effin' hard that my shoe got jammed under the finish line and I almost plowed into a volunteer.

Digital. November 3, 2010.

Here are some sketches and process pics.